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Tomonaga wrote:
> simulation game brand 'if Series'. The success of the intial version ensured
> the future release of these types of games for other anime series as well.
> The 4800 version included more MS(37), more elaborate game board, the game
> sheet was now printed on cardboard, as well as a more substantial game book

Wow cool! I would certain shell out for a release. 4800 Yens for 37
minis is a bit much from the modeler's point of view, but it's cheap
compared to other board games.

> Using 200% zoom I was able to make out most of it so here it is...

Holy motherlobe you did the whole thing! : O

> For moving the MS refer to the game sheet as the maximum number of spaces each
> MS can move in any direction differs from 3 to 5 according to MS type. (It is
> the numbers in the first column of the stats table.)

So let's call that movment point. Does the rules specify when an attack
can be mounted? I imagine only one attack per turn is allowed, does an
attack necessarily terminate a turn for that MS?

> If EDN>DN then the enemy MS is completely destroyed and is removed from the

So there's no hitpoint huh? That's a pretty simplistic game rule. I was
hoping for something similar to Risk.

> All in all, it seems like a fun game to play, and the great thing is
> with the scanned images and the above rules, you can easily make your
> own ! : )

That's the whole idea! :) Holy this is MASSIVE. I still can't believe
you just sat down and translated the whole thing! I am going to
incorporate your changes to the page right now. I assume you won't object
to that?

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