Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 1 Feb 2000 02:39:12 -0800

>Son May are reproductions of the original Japanese CDs that do not pay
>royalties to the owners and recorders of the original. They are also often
>missing alot of the little tidbits you can find in the original CD's

Depends on whether it was an older or newer SM release. SM CDs have come a
long way - they were horrible bootlegs in the early years, but the packaging
has improved a lot, sometimes even surpassing the originals. Take the
Eva OST CD for example, you even get glittering stickers which did not even
come with the originals.

>They may be cheaper, but I do not care for them. I will always buy the
>import, even if I have to pay double the price for it,

Usually it's more like 3 times the price...

>as I feel I am getting more of my money's worth from it (plus, I believe
>the SM ones are illegal in most areas, although, like fansubs, you find
>them everywhere).

At least SM CDs aren't as bad as the Ever Anime ones - EA have boots that
either does not resemble the original in any way packaging-wise, or, worse
yet, says the CD is something on the packaging but the music on the disc
is from something else!


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