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>> There is another Symphonic Poem CD based on the themes from F-91. I
>> wholeheartly recommend it. The music sounds very Western. If you liked
>> John William's music for Star Wars, then you will definitely like it,
>> because both scores were composed with the Wagnerian approach in mind.
>> The playing is also very intense, as opposed to the original SP's more
>> sedated recital.
>Hey Eddie, where can we find this one? I'm more than interested, as I assume
>many more on this list are too.

Most, if not all, Gundam CDs have been re-issued as part of the Big Bang
marketing scam (oops, I mean blitz!). You can special order them from




provided you know the catalog numbers, which can be found at Mark Simmons'
excellent Gundam Project site (www.gundamproject.com, go to the Goods section
and look under Audio). That section is incomplete, though, and I am not sure
if the catalog numbers are current, as some, if not most of the re-issued CDs
now carry a different catalog number.

I do have a still sealed copy of the re-issued F91 Symphonic Poem CD I was
going to throw on eBay. If any of you don't want to wait and want it now,
please e-mail me privately. For some samples and a review of the disc,
check it out here:


The samples are in MP3 format.


New items added at least once a week! Check out my eBay auctions at:
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