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Edward Ju wrote:

> > Personally I have not even seen the original series, I just like
> >orchestral music.
> >So I thought it might make an great CD to get.
> Wait until you've seen the original TV series. Let's just say its music is
> not exactly accessible for people who are raised on anime with more
> production values.
> >> There is another Symphonic Poem CD based on the themes from F-91. I
> >> wholeheartly recommend it. The music sounds very Western. If you liked
> >> John William's music for Star Wars, then you will definitely like it,
> >> because both scores were composed with the Wagnerian approach in mind.
> >> The playing is also very intense, as opposed to the original SP's more
> >> sedated recital.
> >>
> >
> > I guess this is the one I should get, seeing as it's John Williams that
> >got me into
> >Film Music and Orchestral music in the first place.
> I think it's a good idea to start with the symphonic suite CD featuring
> music from a Gundam series that you already like. That makes it less
> likely a bum purchase.
> The F-91 Symphonic Poem has a live version in the F-91 Special Live Concert
> CD, which includes a medley of themes from the previous U.C. Gundam series
> all the way up to CCA. You may get more bang for your bucks CD time-wise,
> but the performance is not as studio-perfect as the F-91 Symphonic Poem
> itself. However, the live CD does has an instrumental version of
> "Eternal Wind", which rounds out the performance very nicely.
> > Well thanks for the reply. I'll keep my eyes open for both, though will
> >try to get
> >the F-91 Symphonic Poem CD first.
> >
> >Anyone have opinions of the 20th Anniversary concert 2 CD set?
> >
> >--
> >Sean Robert Abbey
> It is basically a "greatest hits live" package featuring at least 1 track
> from each Gundam series, including the OVAs and alternate universe shows.
> The good part is that you get to hear orchestrated version of some music
> that was never done that way, such as 0083. The bad part is stylistically
> there is no consistency. I guess you can always get enough materials from
> the 2 CDs to make a U.C. CD or MP3 compilation... BTW the bootleg version
> does NOT come with the free VHS tape, which contains excerpts of the
> concert.
> Eddie
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 Well thanks for all the suggestions. I already ordered the Symphonic Poem CD, and
plan on getting the F-91 Symphonic Poem, once I can locate an *original* copy.
However now I think I want the 20th Anniversary set as well. As I always say so many
things to buy, and so little time to do it. Not to mention little money to do it.

Sean Robert Abbey

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