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Tue, 1 Feb 2000 00:18:33 -0800

> Personally I have not even seen the original series, I just like
>orchestral music.
>So I thought it might make an great CD to get.

Wait until you've seen the original TV series. Let's just say its music is
not exactly accessible for people who are raised on anime with more
production values.

>> There is another Symphonic Poem CD based on the themes from F-91. I
>> wholeheartly recommend it. The music sounds very Western. If you liked
>> John William's music for Star Wars, then you will definitely like it,
>> because both scores were composed with the Wagnerian approach in mind.
>> The playing is also very intense, as opposed to the original SP's more
>> sedated recital.
> I guess this is the one I should get, seeing as it's John Williams that
>got me into
>Film Music and Orchestral music in the first place.

I think it's a good idea to start with the symphonic suite CD featuring
music from a Gundam series that you already like. That makes it less
likely a bum purchase.

The F-91 Symphonic Poem has a live version in the F-91 Special Live Concert
CD, which includes a medley of themes from the previous U.C. Gundam series
all the way up to CCA. You may get more bang for your bucks CD time-wise,
but the performance is not as studio-perfect as the F-91 Symphonic Poem
itself. However, the live CD does has an instrumental version of
"Eternal Wind", which rounds out the performance very nicely.

> Well thanks for the reply. I'll keep my eyes open for both, though will
>try to get
>the F-91 Symphonic Poem CD first.
>Anyone have opinions of the 20th Anniversary concert 2 CD set?
>Sean Robert Abbey

It is basically a "greatest hits live" package featuring at least 1 track
from each Gundam series, including the OVAs and alternate universe shows.
The good part is that you get to hear orchestrated version of some music
that was never done that way, such as 0083. The bad part is stylistically
there is no consistency. I guess you can always get enough materials from
the 2 CDs to make a U.C. CD or MP3 compilation... BTW the bootleg version
does NOT come with the free VHS tape, which contains excerpts of the


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