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Mon, 31 Jan 2000 15:43:29 -0500

Hey, BTW Mark, I just noticed that my 0083 comic says that the Gwaden was
Giren's flagship, not the Gwarib. Is there any truth to this? It would seem to
make sense, as the Gwaden needs a Zabi commander (Delaz merely being the ship's
captain) and also establishes the Delaz-Giren tie.

I also think I found evidence for what you said about the second battleship
being the Asarum. In the opening song intro for 0083, as it rolls through the
dates, it shows two Gwazin battleships over the moon under 0082 (I assume the
scenes technically have no connection to the dates - for 0081 they showed the
Delaz-Gato confrontation when Gato wants to go back out to fight at the end of
the OYW).

BTW, is there any evidence for the Gwaran being used to flee from Granada to
Axis rather than the Asarum (as the Millenium site says). I though it was kinda
wierd that the Asarum was used to flee from A Bao A Qu to Granada, while the
Gwaran was then used to flee to Axis (maybe the Asarum was out of fuel?).

Neil Baumgardner

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