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Edward Ju wrote:

> >I just wanted to ask, is there anyone here who has this disc? If so
> >I'd appreciate an track listing and running time for the CD. BTW,
> >please tell me your opinions of the tracks themselves, is this disc
> >worth getting?
> >
> > Thanks very much.
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> >Sean Robert Abbey
> There are quite a few Symphonic Poem CDs from Gundam, if that is the
> exact title, then it is the Symphonic Poem based on the original TV
> series. This was recorded way back in 1980 and features 10 tracks
> (all titled in Japanese). The music is very somber. Considering the
> source material, they did a very good job at interpreting the music
> without mimicking what was achieved using cheesy synth sounds.
> Orchestration is somewhat basic, with brass filling in most of the duties
> (but strings are on hand as well, with some occassional percussion parts).
> The first 2 minutes of the CD is almost silent until about 2:30 into
> the first track. The material is a mix of the themes from the TV series
> and some original material that birdges them together. They worked well
> together and when the familiar themes are recited, they were for the most
> part respectfully played without attempts of improvisation or revision
> (other than slowed down tempo for a more grandiose feeling, which IMHO was
> earned at the cost of losing a lot of dramatic feel in the performance).
> I believe this first track appears elsewhere, IIRC the 20th Anniversary
> orchestra concert 2-CD + video set.
> Total running time of this disc is 49:02. Compared with today's anime music,
> it is rather dated - it still has a very 70s, and very Japanese feel to it.
> If you've watched the original series as a kid, then this disc might be
> worth getting for nostalgic values. If you are used to the kind of music
> from the OVAs or recent series, then this will be a very different kind of
> music that may not suit your taste.

 Personally I have not even seen the original series, I just like orchestral music.
So I thought it might make an great CD to get.

> There is another Symphonic Poem CD based on the themes from F-91. I
> wholeheartly recommend it. The music sounds very Western. If you liked
> John William's music for Star Wars, then you will definitely like it,
> because both scores were composed with the Wagnerian approach in mind.
> The playing is also very intense, as opposed to the original SP's more
> sedated recital.

 I guess this is the one I should get, seeing as it's John Williams that got me into
Film Music and Orchestral music in the first place.

> Zeta Gundam also has a symphonic concert CD, although I don't think the
> album used the name "Symphonic Poem". While I personally dig it as well,
> stylistically it lies somewhere between the original Symphonic Poem and
> F-91 SP. It has a slightly more jazz feel to it, while F-91 was 100%
> classical.
> Finally, there's "Thousand Nests", a symphonic suite of themes from V Gundam.
> Beware! Do NOT buy the Ever Anime version of it. What you'd end up getting
> is the F-91 Special Live Concert recording instead.
> Eddie

 Well thanks for the reply. I'll keep my eyes open for both, though will try to get
the F-91 Symphonic Poem CD first.

Anyone have opinions of the 20th Anniversary concert 2 CD set?

Sean Robert Abbey

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