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At 09:08 01/31/2000 +1300, Tomonaga wrote:
>The Gelgoog is Zeon's first mass produced beam weapon capable MS, and the Act
>Zaku is a byproduct from the same original project. As the name implies, it
>has much more in common visually with the Zaku family than the Gelgoog. (I
>don't know why you think it looks strange though, it is a conservative
>evolutionary Zaku design).

        Thanks for the info. The Act Zaku looks very much like a Zaku, but
it looks like a Zaku on Steroids. A beefy Zaku just looks a bit strange to
me, is all.

At 12:58 01/30/2000 -0800, Eddie wrote:
>The C-model also involved plating of radiation armor, IIRC. The first time
>I came to know its existence was playing Giren's Ambition on Saturn, but
>it might have been mentioned in other printed sources before.

        Still, the removal of the plating doesn't quite justify a new
version of the MS, don't you think? I'll check out the Gundam Project later..

At 17:24 01/30/2000 EST, MS06ZAK wrote:
>Here is a link to the Zaku II C from the Gundam Project

        Thanks -- I'll check it out the first chance I get.

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