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><< The Z'Gok spelling first appeared ten years ago with Gundam 0080. It
> went back to Zugock until the last round of Gundam computer video games,
> where they started merging in Gundam 0080 retcons. >>
> Thanks for the answer, Z. I did not know it started as Z'Gok. I pronounce
>Z'Gok as Zoo-gock, is this right?

Perhaps I was unclear.

It was rendered in Romanji, if at all, as Zugock up until 1989, when they
started giving it as Z'Gok, then it went back to Zugock until fairly recently.

"Z'Gok" is actually closer to the Japanese pronunciation, as the /u/
phoneme is deprecated. Sukiyaki, for example, is pronounced s'kiyaki --
closer to "ski" than to "sooki" (the way Americans say it).


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