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Yo, Mark! I've been going through the various timelines for post-ZG
references to Sides 5 through 7. Lo, and behold! Your own timeline,
echoed by mine, has the following entry:

UC 0090.07.15
The Texas colony, under reconstruction at Side 6, is attacked by the NSP's
"Colored" force. The Federal Forces' Arahas force teams up with the staff
of the Monotone Company.

So, is the Texas colony really at Side 6, which blows your theory, or is it
simply in L4, in which case it should be at Side 2?

Of course, this reference comes from Under The Gundam or Double Fake, so it
can probably be disregarded in terms of your theory, but I'd like to
resolve this cleanly (i.e., remove or annotate the conflicting reference)
if possible.

The only other reference I've found is in regard to Sweetwater. Your
timeline states only that Sweetwater was moved to Side 3 (L2) in February
0090. Mine, based on a post to the GML, further states that it was moved
FROM Side 5 (L4). That, of course, is based on the traditional post-ZG
Side mapping. Should it be Side 2 (L4) -- moved from L4 to L3 -- or Side 4
(L1) -- moved from the former Side 5, now Side 4, to Side 3?

Can anyone confirm or deny the locations of the Texas and Sweetwater
colonies circa UC 0090?


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