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My only comment about the game is that the model pieces look almost exactly
like the 1/550 MS that acompany many of the Original series Bandai kits (the
1/250 dioramas and some of the ships) - so I would guess that Bandai had
something to do with the game.


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> Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> > This is a question mostly for the gurus like Mark and Z. I've been
> > working on some Mekton MS stats for my erstwhile Gundam 0084 campaign
> Hi, I realize there are a number of hardcore gamers here. And you must be
> annoyed at ignorant softcores like me. But ehh I want to bring up Gundam
> Simulation again.
> From a glance at Neil's site I realize how incredibly complicated Mekton
> must be. Obviously it's very realistic but for us softcore gamers or even
> non-gamers, it's very hard to get into. There's something to be said
> about highly simplified wargames such as chess. That's where Gundam
> Simulation comes it. It's an obscure item I've only found out from the
> G-Shop CDROM. I've collected all the information I can found from the
> CDROM and compiled a little page:
> There are pics of the box art, runner, board, painted game pieces, and
> most importantly rules and stats. From the stats alone you can tell it's
> a relatively simple game: only 14 different units, each unit has only 4
> different stats ("Combative value"?, Armour?, Attack and Defence).
> Combined with the relatively small board size (17 x 20.5 hexagons) you
> have a game that should be easy to learn and quick to play (1 or 2
> hours?).
> It looks like fun, but I really would like to learn the rules, can anyone
> look at the page and try to figure out the rules. The scanned pics of
> the rule pages are barely readable, but for a Japanese-illiterate like me,
> it's pretty hopeless. I can only translate the stats page (which is
> included in the above link).
> Any info is appreciated, thanks!
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