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Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> This is a question mostly for the gurus like Mark and Z. I've been
> working on some Mekton MS stats for my erstwhile Gundam 0084 campaign

Hi, I realize there are a number of hardcore gamers here. And you must be
annoyed at ignorant softcores like me. But ehh I want to bring up Gundam
Simulation again.

must be. Obviously it's very realistic but for us softcore gamers or even
non-gamers, it's very hard to get into. There's something to be said
about highly simplified wargames such as chess. That's where Gundam
Simulation comes it. It's an obscure item I've only found out from the
G-Shop CDROM. I've collected all the information I can found from the
CDROM and compiled a little page:

There are pics of the box art, runner, board, painted game pieces, and
most importantly rules and stats. From the stats alone you can tell it's
a relatively simple game: only 14 different units, each unit has only 4
different stats ("Combative value"?, Armour?, Attack and Defence).
Combined with the relatively small board size (17 x 20.5 hexagons) you
have a game that should be easy to learn and quick to play (1 or 2

It looks like fun, but I really would like to learn the rules, can anyone
look at the page and try to figure out the rules. The scanned pics of
the rule pages are barely readable, but for a Japanese-illiterate like me,
it's pretty hopeless. I can only translate the stats page (which is
included in the above link).

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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