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>> ><< Man Vs Man,
>> > Man Vs Nature and Man Vs Himself. >>
>> >Don't forget Man Vs. Machine
>>Man Vs Machine is really just Man Vs Himself, by virtue of the fact that
>>all machines are by definition the creations of Man.
>What about when the machines develop or gain a consciousness all of its
>own and started making more, a la The Matrix or Terminator? The machine-
>spawns are at best indirectly created by men.

Same thing. The basis for all Man Vs Machine stories has no machine in it
at all. It's Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN. Man overreaches
himself and trespasses in the realm of God, only to be brought down by his
own creation, which carries the divine spark of life but not a soul. He
Dabbled In Things That Man Was Not Meant To Know -- a very popular trope in
the 1950s, when it looked like we might wipe ourselves out in a nuclear

Directly or indirectly, anything that is made by Man that comes to threaten
Man is the Man Vs Himself story, although it may be cast as Man Vs Nature
if you can tie in some element of Divine Retribution.

Again, sometimes it not a single Man but Mankind (or a particular society)
as a whole that creates whatever "monster" that is now the threat, but it's
not a fourth story so much as a modern gloss on one or more of the basic Three.


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