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>>> There might actually be a couple of earlier candidates, although
>>> I suspect Go Nagai probably gets the award for making the idea of a
>>> piloted giant robot so popular. One entrant is the unknown Japanese
>>> propaganda artist who drew a picture of a huge, multi-gunned robot
>>> crushing the US military with its steel feet and zapping planes with its
>>> ray guns. (I've seen it in an illustration somewhere, I can't remember
>>> where though).
>>The illustration was probably the one that was shown in the book you
>>mentioned later on..."Dreamland Japan," or the other Fred Schodt book--the
>>name of it eludes me at the present time. This illustration was drawn near
>>the end of...World War 2? When Japan was in a frustrated state? I think it
>>was meant to alleviate the frustrations of the Japanese by showing them a
>>wish-fulfillment image. I don't remember a lot about this, so maybe someone
>>could help me here.
>It was in Schodt's other famous book on manga, "Manga! Manga! The World of
>Japanese Comics". And yes, it was WW2.
        Thanks for clearing that up, its been bugging me a while! ^_^ I
got Manga! Manga! from the library, and returned it some time ago, so
its no wonder I couldn't find it...

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