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Paul Fields wrote:
> more characters, but if you look at the plots of these shows
> the bad guy can never be defeated by anyone but the super
> team, then its a Super Robot show.

But to various extent, all the Gundam shows are the same.

> Although Amuro and Char were in many key battles at the
> end of the war, but they negated each other in such a way
> that neither one of these aces really turned the tide of the
> war. The Feds would have won without the Gundam with
> only GMs in the hundreds eventually pounding Zeon into
> mush.

This is only true from a "Gundam Historical Point of View", which is
partly tainted by the Fed's need to suppress the contribution by any
individual, especially a Newtype. But even that is beside the point. As
far as the average audience in front of the TV is concerned, Amuro and
RX-78 is THE superhero. It didn't even matter so much if the Fed lose as
long as Amuro survive and/or beat Char. For example, the Battle of Odessa
was a turning point in OYW, but the White Base and Amuro played only a
fringe part of it. So the episode showed ONLY the fringe part played by
Amuro and gang. The entire Battle of Odessa got only 20 seconds of
airtime as the announcer describe the outcome of the battle while files of
Federation tanks rumble on screen.

In this sense, I consider 0079 very much a part of Super Robot/Superhero

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