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> > By this explanation, the Act Zaku and R-2 series are siblings - fellow
> >spinoffs of the original Gelgoog project.
> A few questions have popped up when I flipped through my Gundam
> Mechanics for the Act Zaku..
> 1) My Japanese isn't that good, and I haven't watched Z yet. What is
> the Act Zaku actually? Strange looking MS..

The Gelgoog is Zeon's first mass produced beam weapon capable MS, and the Act
Zaku is a byproduct from the same original project. As the name implies, it has
much more in common visually with the Zaku family than the Gelgoog. (I don't
know why you think it looks strange though, it is a conservative evolutionary
Zaku design).

The Act Zaku is part of the MS-'X' (pronounced 'Pezun') collection of Zeon MS
that were built or in development at the very end of the OYW and were too late
to see any real action. It is said that if the war lasted a couple of months
more the tide would have turned in Zeon's favour as a direct result of these new
'X' MS.

Abour 20 Act Zakus were built before the end of the war and were presumeably
based at Granada.

The most interesting feature of this MS, and the one which distinguishes it from
the Gelgoog, is the 'magnet coating' technology. This technology was
independently developed by the Zeon engineers but is in effect the same as the
one used to upgrade the original Gundam for Amuro's increased newtype ability
and fast reflex.

In the book 'The Last Red Comet' - (it is a story about what Char did after the
final battle at A-Bao-A-Qu) the Act Zaku is operated by remote control by
Twanning (one of Kishiria's men) who is supposedly a newtype of Char and Amuro's
calibre. However no other publication can confirm this remote control ability.

After the war the Act Zaku was slightly upgraded and 'mass produced' by the
Earth Federation and were most notably deployed at Augusta NT research base.
The upgrade included the 'linear seat' and the use of the more powerful BR-87A
beam rifle (Hizack, Marasai). The Act Zaku appeared in the Z Gundam TV series
along with a bunch of other previously unanimated MS from the MS-V and MS-X.
The appearances are quite often brief so you will have to be alert and it's also
easy to see it but not realise you saw it! : )




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