Chris Beilby (
Sun, 30 Jan 2000 15:37:06 GMT

>What about Science Ninja Team Gatchaman? There was no super-robots in
>but a heck of alot of cool mecha such as the God Phoenix, Mark/Ken's Jet,
>Jason/Joe's Car, Princess/Jun's Motobike, Keyops/Junpei's
>Floaty-Hover-Submercible-Bug, plus a whole pile of Spectra/Berg Katse/Sosai
>X mecho-ramas. While, it was cheesy I admit, and perhaps not firmly
>scientific, I think it was quite a mecha orientated show.

But the fact is that Gatchiman is still considered to be superheroic. In
this context, Mecha is refering to military type shows (I.E. Gundam, Votoms,
Macross...) featuring Giant Robots.
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