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> By this explanation, the Act Zaku and R-2 series are siblings - fellow
>spinoffs of the original Gelgoog project.

        A few questions have popped up when I flipped through my Gundam
Mechanics for the Act Zaku..

        1) My Japanese isn't that good, and I haven't watched Z yet. What is
the Act Zaku actually? Strange looking MS..

        2) In flipping between the various Zaku types, I noticed that part
of the description for the MS-06J states that the 06J decended from 06C,
which was also the ancestor of 06F. Is there any illo available for the
MS-06C? Any reason why the 06C was discontinued?

        As I understand it, most of the time it requires a major improvement
in equipment (such as 06F -> 06S, or better, 06R1) or a change in the
environment that the MS is expected to work in (06F -> 06J or 06V) before a
new designation is given to it.

        Thanks in Advance!

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