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>While based on a giant robot anime, this list is firmly grounded in the
>Mecha genre(advanced combat vehicles), rather than the Super Robot
>genre(robot vehicle as superhero). Nearly everybody seems to make these
>distinctions, but I got to wondering tonight, did Tomino ((create)) this
>distinction between Super Robots and Mecha? Was there an anime before
>Gundam that established the difference, or is Gundam the sole grandfather
>of all serious sci-fi mecha shows? Most people on the list will think the
>answer is obvious, but I'm really curious to see if anybody can track the
>Mecha genre back further than MS Gundam(I, for one, can't).

I think credit should go to Go Nagai, who introduced the concept of
"driveble robots" -- that is, robots as machinery that is steered by a
human just like any other machine -- some years before Gundam. While Nagai
also worked in the Giant Robot genre, his machines were always machines and
never evidenced a persona or spirit of their own.


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