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>> In the years subsequent to the Revolution and prior to the Cold War,
>> any "forward thinking" or "liberal" person dabbled in socialism and the
>> One-World credo.
>There's a difference between socialism and communism, correct? Communism is
>against big business (which is what I am against), right?

Socialism is, appropriately enough, a collective term for any of various
economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental
ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of
goods and services. Marxist theory puts Socialism on a scale between
Capitalism and Communism, which advocates the elimination of private
property. In the ideal Communism, the state has withered away and economic
goods and services are distributed equitably "from each according to his
ability and to each according to his need".

All Socialists are thus to some degree Communists, while all Communists are
by definition also Socialists. "USSR" stands for "Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics" and "soviet" is a Russian word meaning council or
committee, the idea being that government is always by a group of elected
or appointed officials, never by any one person acting on their own authority.

The point is that, up until the time that Communism became associated with
the totalitarian state of the USSR, most intellectuals saw it as the
evolutionary apex of a political ladder that had the Man On Horseback as
the bottom rung. All through the 1920s and 1930s, it was accepted that
government was a necessary evil, to be dispensed with when humanity came of
age, and that Capitalism was an expression of human greed, concentrating
wealth in the hands of the undeserving few at the expense of the huddled

In fact, the "Communist state" of the USSR was a contradiction in terms, as
the Communist Manifesto held that a true communism would be a cooperative
of the proletariat, with no need for a government or state as such.

Marxism is still going strong, despite all that, and looks like it may even
still be around in the Universal Century.

The Federation seems to be quite Socialistic in some regards, although
there's a clear strain of Capitalism in the likes of Anaheim Electronics
and others. It may simply be that the Earth, being held in trust for
future generations, is under one system (Socialist/Communist) while the
colonies, administered in a sort of corporate feudalism by the Colony
Management Corporation, are under another system.


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