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At 8:37 AM +1300 2000.1.28, Tomonaga wrote:
>The Playstation Giren's Greed game covers are now ready!
>The official English title
>Mobile Suit Gundam Giren's Greed 'Blood of Zeon'
>SLPS 02570-1 Recommended Retail Price 6800yen
> Front cover
> Back cover
>Bandai decided to go with a more dramatic and emotive English title than
>a translation of the Japanese title.

Actually, "Blood of Zeon" is a translation of the Japanese title. ^^; The
PlayStation version has a longer title to distinguish it from the Saturn
version. The full Japanese title of the game is

Kidou Senshi Gandamu: Giren no Yabou: Jion no Keifu

("Keifu" means "blood" -- as in bloodline or lineage.)

Egan Loo

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