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At 10:34 AM -0500 2000.1.29, Paul Fields wrote:
>As someone noted earlier, Gundam Wing, and G Gundam
>forgot this formula.

Forgot this formula? It's not like it slipped the creators' minds. ^^;
That's like saying that the first Gundam forgot the formula of Super Robot.
^^; It wasn't by accident that Wing and G have a different atmosphere from
say, Z Gundam. The creators of Gundam Wing and G Gundam deliberately
diverged from the Real Robot formula.

The animation industry didn't just turn on a dime with the first Gundam and
pumped out only Real Robot series thereafter to the exclusion of other
robot subgenres. The evolution of the robot animation series is not a
one-dimensional graph with Super Robot series at the bottom and Real Robot
series at the top. The industry in Japan continued to make Super Robot
series after the first Gundam -- witness the line of Yuusha/Brave series
from Sunrise.

If anything, the Super Robot subgenre branched out and starting blurring
the genre boundaries, just like the Real Robot subgenre did. Sunrise began
creating what it calls the Hero Robot subgenre. Hero Robot series like
Wataru and the recent Chouja/Super Raideen retain the heroic elements of
the Super Robot genre, but not necessarily the giant Super Robot itself.
It's the Hero Robot genre that G Gundam and Gundam Wing lean towards.

Egan Loo

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