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Date: Saturday, January 29, 2000 8:12 AM
Subject: RE: [gundam] Did Tomino invent Mecha?

>I dont know if this would count or not, but remember the really OLD
>Thunderbirds show? The one that was animated with dolls from the 60's (I
>think?) Their vehicles might count as mecha.

Using the traditional definition, yes, they are. Using the common slang
version of the term, I gues not. I use the traditional, so boy do they

...though the show was kinda

Don't be stepping on a fond memory of youth! Seriously, I have like a dozen
episodes, and am constantly looking, this show inspired many flights of
fancy for my misspent youth. >sigh<

>>From: Nightingale <>
>>Subject: RE: [gundam] Did Tomino invent Mecha?
>>Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:03:55 -0800 (PST)
>>--- Amuro Rei <> wrote:
>> > What about Science Ninja Team Gatchaman? There was
>> > no super-robots in that, but a heck of alot of cool
>> > mecha such as the God Phoenix, Mark/Ken's Jet,
>> > Jason/Joe's Car, Princess/Jun's Motobike,
>> > Keyops/Junpei's Floaty-Hover-Submercible-Bug, plus a
>> > whole pile of Spectra/Berg Katse/Sosai X
>>mecho-ramas. > While, it was cheesy I admit, and
>>perhaps not firmly
>> > scientific, I think it was quite a mecha orientated
>> > show.
>>You remember Gatchaman, too? There's part of my grade
>>school memories, and a fond one I must stress :)
>>Besides Gatchaman, there are also a whole series of
>>Dinosaur-safari shows that predate Jurassic Park
>>almost two decades ago. There are lots of unusual
>>brand of mechas and exploring vehicles, too. They are
>>a bit borderline I think, but those were the
>>alternative to the Super Robos back in the 70s...
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