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Sat, 29 Jan 2000 08:07:14 -0800 (PST)

> Although Amuro and Char were in many key battles at
> the
> end of the war, but they negated each other in such
> a way
> that neither one of these aces really turned the
> tide of the
> war. The Feds would have won without the Gundam with
> only GMs in the hundreds eventually pounding Zeon
> into
> mush.
> As someone noted earlier, Gundam Wing, and G Gundam
> forgot this formula. Unlike 0083 where Kou and Gato
> did
> exactly what "Amuro/Char" clones should, fight
> amongst
> themselves while not really affecting what goes on
> in the
> backstory. Blue Destiny, and 08th MS team characters
> actually affect the stories they are in while not
> changing the
> world around them much, but Kou/Gato didn't affect
> the
> story at all, horrible bombing of the Naval Review
> aside
> Gato told the colony where to drop (could have been
> any
> Delaz fleet officer) and nothing Kou did could stop
> a colony.

amuro vs. char, kou vs. gato, unlike heero vs. zechs
and domon vs. everyone else. yes, they certainly
tried to change the endings in the alternate
universes. but is that necessarily a bad thing?

question: how much repetition of story is enough
before the formula goes stale? how much repetition of
saga is good and how much before it becomes "the same
old same old"?

i ask that question because on one hand, you have fans
who want something new. on the other hand, you have
oldschoolers who grumble whenever something is
make up your minds, will ya? :)

it's simple for me. i like 'em all. :P

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