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> What about Science Ninja Team Gatchaman? There was no super-robots in
> but a heck of alot of cool mecha such as the God Phoenix, Mark/Ken's Jet,
> Jason/Joe's Car, Princess/Jun's Motobike, Keyops/Junpei's
> Floaty-Hover-Submercible-Bug, plus a whole pile of Spectra/Berg
> X mecho-ramas. While, it was cheesy I admit, and perhaps not firmly
> scientific, I think it was quite a mecha orientated show.

I have very fond memories of the show, but Sentai teams
like that aren't mecha either. Here's why if Gatchman was
"Tominoized" there would be 8 teams or so, but the one
we see would likely be the best. Some episodes would be
about other teams getting into trouble, and our TV team
would get them out. But to be mecha our heroes can't be
super heroes, and the G team was just that. Sentai teams
like Voltron and such just spread the "Super" aura over to
more characters, but if you look at the plots of these shows
the bad guy can never be defeated by anyone but the super
team, then its a Super Robot show.

Although Amuro and Char were in many key battles at the
end of the war, but they negated each other in such a way
that neither one of these aces really turned the tide of the
war. The Feds would have won without the Gundam with
only GMs in the hundreds eventually pounding Zeon into

As someone noted earlier, Gundam Wing, and G Gundam
forgot this formula. Unlike 0083 where Kou and Gato did
exactly what "Amuro/Char" clones should, fight amongst
themselves while not really affecting what goes on in the
backstory. Blue Destiny, and 08th MS team characters
actually affect the stories they are in while not changing the
world around them much, but Kou/Gato didn't affect the
story at all, horrible bombing of the Naval Review aside
Gato told the colony where to drop (could have been any
Delaz fleet officer) and nothing Kou did could stop a colony.


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