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><< Before WWII, Europe, Spanish Civil War. It was a Spanish town
> that was badly hit by the Legion Kondor.
> It caused a
> great deal of outrage at the time because it was one of the first mass
> bombings of a primarily civilian target, and it seemed to prove the
> widely believed maxim (at the time) that "the bomber will always get
> through". An idea that lasted until, oh, September 1940. ^_^ >>
>Before the British Air Corps massacred them ^_^;;

        Just a small correction, its the Royal Air Force, originally the
Royal Flying Corps until just after World War I.

> But still, many got
        True, but the idea that bombers alone could break a nations will
to resist took something of a hard knock. Unfortunately for the crews of
RAF Bomber Command, the US Army Eighth Air Force and a great many
civilians, it took several more years to get the message that targeting
an enemies supply chain could be just as effective (an example being,
that despite ever increasing numbers of raids, German fighter production
actually *increased* in late 1944. What eventually crippled the
Luftwaffe was lack of fuel, political interference and a gradual
bleeding away of skilled aircrew).
        These days its a little bit different...
>I would rather use heavy artillery than missiles though... a missile can be
>thwarted... a shell, well, if I fire a bullet at you, unless you're Neo, from
>the Matrix, or one of those Agents, umm... bai!
        Or armed with a Sea Wolf missile system, which has in tests,
knocked 76mm shells out of the air... ^_^

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