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--- Sir Loin of Beef <> wrote:
>> the one on Feb 00 (with a GP-02A on cover) features
>> a 34-page special issue of UC technology in 0083,
>> with retocon conversion inc. GP-02A with back
>> thrusters and clay bazooka that'll eventually used
>> on RMS-099 Rick Dias.
> Could I have the ISBN or any kind of identification
> for this UC0083 issue?
> I'd like to get my kinokuniya to order it.
> Thanks.

Okay, better give you all the numbers:

Model Graphix February 2000 (volume 183) -
18747-2; T1118747020768

(the first set of number is preceded by the term
'magazine' written in Kanji, if you know what I mean)

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