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Sat, 29 Jan 2000 01:20:51 -0800

I think Tomino and Gundam can safely be credited with pioneering the
"mecha" genre. Remember the big deal, even to casual viewers of Gundam,
was how it broke off the superhero robot genre and made them conventional
weapons of war.


>While based on a giant robot anime, this list is firmly grounded in the
>Mecha genre(advanced combat vehicles), rather than the Super Robot
>genre(robot vehicle as superhero). Nearly everybody seems to make these
>distinctions, but I got to wondering tonight, did Tomino ((create)) this
>distinction between Super Robots and Mecha? Was there an anime before
>Gundam that established the difference, or is Gundam the sole grandfather
>of all serious sci-fi mecha shows? Most people on the list will think the
>answer is obvious, but I'm really curious to see if anybody can track the
>Mecha genre back further than MS Gundam(I, for one, can't).
>Waiting for curiosity to kill me,
>PS:Star Wars doen't count: it's not anime,. and it doesn't have any
>humanoid robots that serve as combat vehicles.
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