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<< Before WWII, Europe, Spanish Civil War. It was a Spanish town
 that was badly hit by the Legion Kondor. Picasso, I believe, produced a
 famous picture of the event to show his horror at the event. It caused a
 great deal of outrage at the time because it was one of the first mass
 bombings of a primarily civilian target, and it seemed to prove the
 widely believed maxim (at the time) that "the bomber will always get
 through". An idea that lasted until, oh, September 1940. ^_^ >>

Before the British Air Corps massacred them ^_^;; But still, many got

I would rather use heavy artillery than missiles though... a missile can be
thwarted... a shell, well, if I fire a bullet at you, unless you're Neo, from
the Matrix, or one of those Agents, umm... bai!


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