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Mark Simmons wrote:
> From the latest G-GOODS email newsletter...
> * 1/144 HG-UC Gog
> Due in March, Y800. Can the Acguy be far behind? Hm... it seems like the
> HG-UC line is increasingly tracking the MS In Action series (witness
> Guncannon, Zugok, then Gog).

YAY! The selection of HGUC model is really close to the heart of old
timers like me. Have you seen any pictures of it yet? There's no mention
of HGUC Gog in HJ Feb (that I can see). If it looks as good as the MSIA
Gog, I'd be content.

Saw the pics of HGUC Guntank, slightly retoconned in proportions (has a
08MST touch to it), looks really nice. They just got to HGUCify Aggai,
they have run something on Aggai in HJ for something like 9 months in a
roll now. I bet a dollar we will get HGUC Aggai in May.

Other than voting with our wallet, is there some place we can write to beg
for certain models? I want to beg them to HGUCify Zeong, Dom and Gelgoog,
the last two should be easy since they can just down-scale the MG.

> February: Gundam Century "renewal version," also yay!

Any hint on what's renewed?

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