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My take on the subject was this: only those served their country had the right
to decide (by voting) what happened to their country. To me, one of the key
themes of the book was that the price of freedom was responsibility. Therefore,
only those responsible enough to serve the system that provides so much to them
have the right to change that system.

Joaquin Torres

Though Heinlein is my favorite SF author, enough with the OT crap...on with the

Paul Fields wrote:

> > << Not authority, responsibility. The authorities in ST got their
> authority
> > because they were responsible.
> > Good proof of this is how the voting is set up. To be able to vote, you
> have
> > to take on the responsibility and serve a term of service. This shows that
> > you truly understand the hard work your founding fathers went through to
> give
> > you this liberty. Any moron can vote; it takes hard work to figure out
> which
> > is the right person to be in office.
> I don't think so, it wasn't that veterans voted better but that
> they had worked for the common good. In the US we have
> millions of people who don't vote because they just don't
> take the time and effort to do it. Perhaps in the context of
> the book you get votes only from people who have worked
> for the common good, and right or wrong will vote every
> election day. This group in Heinlein's eyes takes responsibility
> for their actions, even on a political level.
> I don't know if I understand what I just wrote, but that's what
> the government teacher in the book was trying to say.
> Paul
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