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<< Before WWII, Europe, Spanish Civil War. It was a Spanish town
 that was badly hit by the Legion Kondor. Picasso, I believe, produced a
 famous picture of the event to show his horror at the event. It caused a
 great deal of outrage at the time because it was one of the first mass
 bombings of a primarily civilian target, and it seemed to prove the
 widely believed maxim (at the time) that "the bomber will always get
 through". An idea that lasted until, oh, September 1940. ^_^

Speaking of Guernica. Tom Leady,a local artist of some import in his area of
artness (pottery), has done an intense war sculptural peice at a local
It's a HUGE wall of bones and skulls partially exhumed from the earth, with a
little white dove bursting from the upper left corner.
It's is overwhelming. Kicked me in the guts really good.
It's said to related to the finding of a mass grave in Korea by his unit....
it's been called the Korean Guernica, especially, like the Spanish Civil War
the Korean Conflict is largely forgotton and not thought of.

Chris Perry

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