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This just in:

Gundam Episode Guide 3: Grips Conflict and Neo Zeon War I, II - UC
0087~0093 (1999.12.25, Kadokawa Shoten, ISBN4-04-853070-4) 160 pages (80
color) for 1600.

The title pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Z Gundam through Char's
Counter Attack. There's one article that I found particularly interesting,
called "Char & Three Witches" -- to wit, Kycilia Zabi, Reccoa Londe and
Hamaan Khan. I can see Kycilian and Hamaan in that regard, but Reccoa
seems a bit of a stretch. I guess they were hard pressed for a third
"Witch" (Lalar Sun being the poster girl for Purity) and figured her for
the only other woman to have any impact on Char.

There were witches galore in Gundam ZZ, but of course Char was MIA in that one.

Other items of interest: the folks previously known as Bio-Soldiers and
Artificially Strengthened People are now called The Reinforced.

On pages 45 to 49, the name of the series is given as Z Gundum; on page 62,
the name of Hamaan's little tyranny is given as Neo Geon; on pages 65 to
69, the name of the series is given as Gundum ZZ; and, on page 70 to 72,
CCA is a Gumdam movie, but becomes a Gundam movie on page 74.

Emi Sasaki has the Proofreading credit.

Nitpicks aside, another fine book in an interesting and informative series.


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