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>Actually, if I remember the book correctly (I have this knack of remembering
>irrelevant detail), there was a third race mentioned of cultured beings in
>the universe that were under assault by the bugs. I remembered it because I
>thought it might be an important detail or fact that might be brought up in
>a sequel (I thought there might be one) . Sorry, it was 6-8 years ago when I
>last read it and I'll have to look up a copy to find the reference.

The "Skinnies" -- elongated humanoids, seen for the first time in the
recent CGI animation series -- were originally allied with the Klendathu,
but switched over to our side after the MI occupation of their planet that
opens the story.

>> You are implying MSG softened ST for mass consumption.
>At least the vision Heinlein had of a space-based military - not for the
>story idea he had as -Z- had expounded well on.

Actually, Heinlein's vision of the military wasn't space-based at all. The
Navy was space-based, but the MI were ground-pounders and spent all their
shipboard time tuning up for the next drop.

Heinlein's real vision was something quite different: a military in which
every member is a combatant, from the cook to the commander. No pyramid
hierarchy in which every fighter has two dozen support personnel behind the
lines, so that only one in a hundred ever sees battle. Everyone drops and
everyone fights.

More importantly, nobody sits safe up topside while sending the youngsters
down into the meat grinder.


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