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From: garrick lee <kapshiaw@yahoo.com>

> whaddaya mean? those g gundam kits are all over the
> shelves. they're in perpetual supply, it seems. even
> in stores that don't normally sell kits.

The G Gundam ITSELF in 1/144 is rare here (bida, eh...) - at least from what
my friend tells me. The rest are in constant supply, and maybe the Shining
Gundam might be rare as well...

I only paid a smattering of attention to the series - sorry... :)

> i, of course, disagree. i thought the dubs were good,
> if a little erratic. especially compared to voltes
> and daimos english dubs we had.

Jeez, those were dubbed in the seventies, dude.

i would definitely
> take tagalog dubbing than english dubs with tagalog
> (visayan?) accent! and the subs available for g wing
> were godawful carabao english.

I do agree with you that G Wing was better than the old Voltes. But G Wing
and G Gundam were badly dubbed (for me) nonetheless. If any comparison were
to be made, I think the top quality dub should go to Lupin III and Yu-Yu
Hakushu. Those were the best and should be the bar to be compared with.

> not everything tagalog is poorly done.

I never said that.

> just curious (since i have no way of knowing), but how
> did you gauge the popularity of each series?

Personal contact with fans and other folk. C'mon, we don't even have skilled
data gathering here... How can you expect me to do this kind of research
without pay? Of course I won't be scientific about this stuff... *sheesh*

> ps. fed,...y'know you told me to search for
> "mechapinoy" and "pinoyotaku" mailing lists, but never
> told me WHERE to search for them.

I did, you heat-axe wielding Zaku! :)

EGROUPS... I said EGROUPS - it's like onelist, only waaaaay better.

Getting ready to parry with his Shield...

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