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>Wing isn't need to be pretty sharp to follow its convoluted
>plot.....0080 was more simplistic if you ask me, but then again, it is an
>OVA series...not much room for plot development.

In Short, Wing is simple and damn unoriginal if you ask me.

0080 had better designs and there was even talk about redoing 0079 in 0080
style, all we get from Wing is Heaps and Heaps of Yaio Doujinshi. And besides
Wing has all these ambigious explanations that try to make sense of why wing
slowly ends up like Char's Counterattack.

Don't get me wrong here I liked some Wing designs (Shenglong, Heavy Arms) and
most my friends seem to adore Wing or at least tolerate it but no way can it
be put in the same category as UC Gundam.

But all in all I may be overexaggerating a bit since if you ignore the the
unoriginality and predictable ending, it was quite good. I enjoyed the
beginning of wing until later episodes when i figured out finally what it


You say "convoluted" I say "copy".

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