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Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:42:59 +1300

Edward Ju wrote:

> > The Playstation Giren's Greed game covers are now ready!
> >
> >The official English title
> >Mobile Suit Gundam Giren's Greed 'Blood of Zeon'
> >SLPS 02570-1 Recommended Retail Price 6800yen
> Hmm, old man Degin is missing from the front cover. Is there any
> first-pressing bonus like the Saturn version?
> Eddie

As far as I know there are no first-pressing bonuses but there are three special
goodies you can claim with the purchase of the game.

1. Pre-order the game at any participating retailer to get a special limited edition
 (I think the poster is the cover art or something similar by the same artist
Yasuhiko Yoshikazu)

2. Mail in the special order form included with the game to receive a reversible
holographic metal plate of Giren in his speech pose. You also go into a draw to win
a black metallic ornamental bust of Giren .

Detailed info regarding 2. is included with the game manual.


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