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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> There were evidently eight battleships at the beginning of the war:

> Great Degin (Degin Zabi's)
> Gwameru
> Gwajin (Kishiria Zabi's)
> Gwaran (Dozul Zabi's)
> Asalum (Ma Kube's)
> Gwaden (Delaz's)
> Gwarib (Giren Zabi's)
> Gwaban

  You'll note, from the discussion at
<>, that these aren't all
canonical. The non-reentry-proof Gwamel, for example, is from an
illustration in Gundam Century.

  Of these, the Great Degin, Gwaden, Gwazin, Gwarib, and Gwaran are the only
ones mentioned in the animation. The fate of the Great Degin and Gwaden is
well-documented. The Gwazin went to A Bao A Qu with Kishiria, and was
presumably destroyed there (apparently it's been claimed that this was the
wrecked ship seen in Z Gundam). The Gwarib escorted the Gwazin partway to A
Bao A Qu, but turned back to Granada instead. The Gwaran may or may not have
survived the Battle of Solomon.

  The identification of the Asarum as the ship in which Char fled A Bao A Qu
is fairly well-established. That makes six confirmed ships, and two unknowns
(though there are more than two non-canonical candidates for these slots).

  As for the ship that accompanies the Gwaden, I reckon it's probably the
Asarum. I'm pretty sure that we see two Gwazin-class ships taken out at A
Bao A Qu, and it's generally agreed that only four were present in the first
place. Though the Asarum would have left later, it's possible that Delaz
waited for his fellow refugees...

Scott D writes,

> wasn't Haman's first flagship in Zeta the Gwanban? Perhaps a refit of the
> Gwaban, which fled with Delaz, then to Axis?

  I don't think you can refit a Gwazin-class ship into one like the Gwadan
or Gwanban (from Z and ZZ). The Gwadan is much bigger - about a kilometer -
and the Gwanban, while similar in size, has a totally different shape. But I
suppose it's possible that they might have named the new ships after the old
ones, or even cannibalized their hulls to build Gwanban-type ships.

-- Mark

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