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I've translated the rules and cards for myself, but not in an easily
sendable format. Are you any good with Japanese? It's a simple enough game
that you could learn from the rulebook with an intermediate level of
japanese, I think.

The game owes a lot ruleswise to magic, but it *is* gundam...

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> Heya, > > I saw the Gundam Collectible card Game here. They were selling the starter > deck for approx. US$15 in the Philippines. > > Is that a good price? I dunno how the card game goes... Is there someone out > there who knows how to play it? I just need to know the basics and figure it > out from there... (used to be a Magic player) > > I also saw some original Japanese Gundam posters here. Costs around US$8.75. > They don't seem to be Magazine inserts - they don't have labels of Newtype > and the rest of those. Great quality - I bought one of the Nadesico movie > first before I go after that great shot of the RX-178 Gundam... > > ttyl, > > Fed > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at > >

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