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Thu, 27 Jan 2000 18:23:43 -0500

> However i see in Gundam more the influence of
> The Moon Is An Harsh Mistress (rebellion of moon's
> colonists,bombing of earth through metorites)than
> Starship Troopers(overall powered in ST is quite
> different from MS)

Like I said, all Tomino got was the idea that everybody
could have big robots, not just Johnny Q. Shinnysmile
the dashing hero or son/nephew/neighbor of the mad
scientist who lives on the deserted island. He took the
idea that he could make Military SF work in his genre
"Giant Robots" by making a robot fo the soldiers.

Yes the parallels to "Moon" are there too, few people
ever read just one Heinlein book.

Which brings me to a non-Gundam point, we also have
to blame Heinlein for pods... if it weren't for Puppet
Masters we would never have had Invasion of the Body
Snatchers, Alien, or any of the parasite in the body or
chamelion aliens that look just like us type genre of Sci-Fi...


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