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Arg! Just can't put this topic completely to rest...

Federico Makabenta wrote:
> Actually, if I remember the book correctly (I have this knack of
> remembering irrelevant detail), there was a third race mentioned of
> cultured beings in the universe that were under assault by the bugs.

You mean the Skinnies. H didn't seem to give them much relevance. In the
first chapter they were the helpless victims of the Mobile Infantry. I
think H wanted to open the book by showing the M.I. in some merciless
buttkicking actions, but he wanted to reserve the Bugs as a worthy
threats, so he created a third race whose existence in the book serves
solely to provide some kickable butts in that opening chapter. Later in
the book, appearantly their butts got tired of being kicked so they allied
up with Man, they got out of the way of Man and provided some intelligence
of unspecified quantity and quality, but they don't seem to do anything

Other than the fact that they are tall and skinny, I can't see how the
Protoss is related to the Skinnies in any way. But I might have missed
something again.

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