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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> In sci-fi literature. What Alfred mentioned and what I never read into... :)

And why not? ;)

> I've always been a sci-fi classics fan - like Dune and such... (Muad-Dib,

Yeah Dune is great. What other classics do you like? How about Jules
Verne and Mary Shelley?

Back to ST:

Thanks to Alfred's, -Z-'s, Paul's and your replies. I think you guys
pretty much covered all the angles. I started writting specific replies
to your comments, about then my luggages was finally found and delivered
to me undamaged so I was in a pretty good mood. So I decided to scrap
those replies and spare the GML a lot of long winded nitpicking. The real
question is how much did MSG owe ST, and that question seems to be pretty
much settled.

So just a brief reply to Z and Paul. I agree with most of your facts. I
disagree with most of your opinions on my understanding of ST and my
mental capability, English comprehension, short term memory and such.
But those are besides the point. Basically I agree with you guys on what
ideas ST is trying to communicate, but we disagree (subjectively) on the
quality of the book. Anyway with your inputs and corrections I am ready
to write an essay on "ST and MSG" and I will put it up on Newtype Asylum.
If you guys still disagree with me after reading my piece (which is
likely), you can write a rebuttal or commentary or something I can put it
up on Newtype Asylum too.

Finally for Paul: Next time you come around to NYC or Toronto or better
yet HK, TW or China, I will introduce you to real Chinese cuisine :)~ you
have been eating Chinese American junk.

BTW, anyone read L Ron Hubbard? I just read that John Travolta is making
Battlefield Earth into a movie. Is that pretty similar to ST?

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