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James Boren wrote:
> The question is posed in one of Leiji Matsumoto's "the Cockpit" stories...
> which is worse, the Japanese suicide Ohka bombers, or soulless cruise
> missiles fired hundreds of miles away with no risk for the attacker? At
> least you wouldn't have Presidents tossing tossing them off at a whim.

Of course there's no comparison.

> >Trivia: name (country, city and year) the first aerial bombing of a
> >civilian target in human history. And what is the most recent example?
> I'm guessing but maybe a Zepplin raid on Antwerp in 1914? Of course the

Interesting. I wasn't thinking of that one. But you might very well be
right. I found this paragraph in a web page:

While the Germans had the capability to bomb England using Zeppelins from
the start of the war, the Kaiser had banned this since he considered
England as another "Christian nation" and viewed the bombing of civilians
as less than gentlemanly. Under constant pressure from his military staff,
he finally gave in and permitted a raid on the docks of the lower Thames,
outside of London.

> most recent would have to be Grozny by Russia.


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