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Mark Simmons wrote:

> > Also any comment on the second Delaz fleet Gwajin battleship?
> Nope. It may well have parted ways with Delaz after leaving the
> battlefield. Most of the Gwazin-class ships are pretty well acounted for.

Okay, last night I dug through the Gundam Millenium site for info the Gwajin class
Battleships and watched the last MSG movie.

There were evidently eight battleships at the beginning of the war:

Great Degin (Degin Zabi's)
Gwajin (Kishiria Zabi's)
Gwaran (Dozul Zabi's)
Asalum (Ma Kube's)
Gwaden (Delaz's)
Gwarib (Giren Zabi's)

The Great Degin was destroyed of course by the Solar Ray, while the Gwameru was
evidently destroyed somehow by entering the Earth's atmosphere and crashing into the
Atlantic. The Gwaran, Dozul's flagship apparently fled to Granada after the follow
of Solomon.

Now this bring's us to the Battle of A Bao A Qu. According to the Millenium site,
the Gwajin, Asalum and Gwaden were present at the battle. In the footage we also see
at least three probably distinct battleships. One parked right near A Bao A Qu, one
near the Solar Ray, and Kishiria's (which she's on). What this doesnt tell us, is
where is Giren's ship, the Gwarib. I actually presume that it was the one near A Bao
A Qu and that there are actually four battleships present at the battle (where the
heck else would his ship be anyway). Delaz's Gwaden is presumably out on the
battleline (not technically seen), while I assume the Asalum is the one near the
Solar Ray. That just leaves Kishiria's Gwajin, which is arriving. As for the last
battleship, the Gwaban, I have no clue - the Millenium site gives little info on it.

Now we also have some info on the ships' fate after the battle. The Asalum fled to
Granada, while in turn the Gwaran fled from Granada to Axis. The Millenium site
indicates both in turn carried or were commanded by Char. Delaz's Gwaden obviously
fled during the battle, with another battleship. This leaves the Gwajin and Gwarib.
Kishiria was attempting to flee in a Zanzibar, so I assume the Gwajin was destroyed.
I would naturally also assume that Giren's Gwarib was destroyed in the battle, but
that leaves no battleship to flee (during the battle, as opposed to the Asalum which
fled after) with Delaz, unless it was the otherwise anynomous Gwaban.

So, any ideas anyone? If I have any errors it may be partially due to the
translation software.

Neil Baumgardner

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