garrick lee (
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:51:15 -0800 (PST)

> G Gundam - popular with kids - toys practically fly
> off the shelves. No G
> Gundam 1/144 to be found anywhere.

whaddaya mean? those g gundam kits are all over the
shelves. they're in perpetual supply, it seems. even
in stores that don't normally sell kits.

> Other Gundams - 8th MS team with Otaku, but even
> then an acquired taste.
> 0083 is a favorite but not in general circulation.
> UC Gundams in general - we are an isolated bunch
> -_-;

yeah, well...:P

> > How do you see it? Subbed? Dubbed into
> > Tagalog?
> Wing and G were dubbed into Tagalog - quite poorly I
> might add. But popular
> nonetheless. I didn't bother watching these
> versions.

i, of course, disagree. i thought the dubs were good,
if a little erratic. especially compared to voltes
and daimos english dubs we had. i would definitely
take tagalog dubbing than english dubs with tagalog
(visayan?) accent! and the subs available for g wing
were godawful carabao english.

not everything tagalog is poorly done.

> Subbed - all Animevillage english dubs + some
> fansubs in English. All
> available ones are widespread - most popular for
> general otaku are 0083 and
> 8th MS team.

just curious (since i have no way of knowing), but how
did you gauge the popularity of each series?


ps. fed,...y'know you told me to search for
"mechapinoy" and "pinoyotaku" mailing lists, but never
told me WHERE to search for them. i tried searching
anyway, but found none. would you mind sending it
over to me in private correspondence at least?
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