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> The hardcore military scifi genre? Let me play dumb for a moment, what is
> this hardcore genre?

In sci-fi literature. What Alfred mentioned and what I never read into... :)
I've always been a sci-fi classics fan - like Dune and such... (Muad-Dib,
Muad-Dib, Muad-Dib...)

> Perhaps you can say ST inspired the anime ppl to
> convert the semi-magical giant robots (e.g. Getter) into convincing robots
> such as Gundam, Valkyries and EVAs.

I didn't elaborate like that, since I skipped over cause-and-effect there.
Gundam drew upon ST directly - as it was previously mentioned (which I
didn't know too). The rest I don't know that well enough to elaborate. All I
can say is that Jap's are well read in the sci-fi genre, so you may have to
directly interview the writers as to where they got their influences and
inspiration from.

> > takes the most inspiration from it is Starcraft. The Protoss had an
> > equivalent in the book, if I recall...
Heinlein spent a
> lot of time describing the organization of the Bugs and barely a few words
> on their phyiscal appearance.

Actually, if I remember the book correctly (I have this knack of remembering
irrelevant detail), there was a third race mentioned of cultured beings in
the universe that were under assault by the bugs. I remembered it because I
thought it might be an important detail or fact that might be brought up in
a sequel (I thought there might be one) . Sorry, it was 6-8 years ago when I
last read it and I'll have to look up a copy to find the reference.

> You are implying MSG softened ST for mass consumption.

At least the vision Heinlein had of a space-based military - not for the
story idea he had as -Z- had expounded well on.

 Don't you think
> that's giving ST more credit than it's worth?


Sure MSG opened things up
> for even more realistic shows like Macross and Votoms. But other than the
> mechanical nature of robots, I don't see MSG borrowing other ideas from
> ST.

I think that Paul adequately answered this part already.



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