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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> But you're right, it's a pretty mediocre book. A classic in the sense that
> it pioneered practically the entire hardcore military Sci-fi genre. But it
> heavily influenced stuff outside of that literature - I think the one that

The hardcore military scifi genre? Let me play dumb for a moment, what is
this hardcore genre? Perhaps you can say ST inspired the anime ppl to
convert the semi-magical giant robots (e.g. Getter) into convincing robots
such as Gundam, Valkyries and EVAs.

If you are thinking what I am thinking when you said "hardcore military
scifi genre", then I can only think of Kondo's comics. Specificly the
sidestory comics he drew for the Crossover notebooks. That's basically a
sequence of events deliberately devoided of meanings.

> takes the most inspiration from it is Starcraft. The Protoss had an
> equivalent in the book, if I recall...

Not the Toss, the Marines and Firebats are straight out of the Mobile
Infantry. The Zergs (esp. the idea of mindless aggressor with
worker/drone and brainbug/overmind) is directly related to the Bugs in ST.
But the imagery of Zerg is borrowed from Giger's Alien. Heinlein spent a
lot of time describing the organization of the Bugs and barely a few words
on their phyiscal appearance.
> think anyone could go fully hardcore on this stuff at the first outing. I
> think what separates it from Starship Troopers is that it made an accessible
> vision of the entire military sci-fi thing. I think I'd compare Gundam more

You are implying MSG softened ST for mass consumption. Don't you think
that's giving ST more credit than it's worth? Sure MSG opened things up
for even more realistic shows like Macross and Votoms. But other than the
mechanical nature of robots, I don't see MSG borrowing other ideas from

> to Lord of the Rings in that case. LOTR did take a lot of old folktales and
> legends from the British Isles (include Ireland since I'm not sure if it's
> part fo that) and weaved it into a more accessible vision as a novel
> trilogy.

Hmm I would say LOTR achieved a lot more than that. Especially if you
consider Simarillion too. But that's OT.

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