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> [monsterous snip]

> By the way, there's nothing "fascist" about the government in ST. There's
> no such thing as conscription, military service is actually discouraged and
> any glorification comes from the fact that veterans get special
> privileges. You have to volunteer and you have to go through a process
> similar to a salmon going upstream to get in, then you have to survive a
> vigorous culling process in boot camp to stay in. There are no parades
> except the actual military type, which is simply a massing of formations to
> take inventory and reinforce group identity and unit cohesion; there are no
> public displays or grandstanding at all.
> You take on a dirty job because someone's got to do it. Your reward for a
> job well done is another job that's even tougher.
> That's not fascism; that's life.
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Sweet Jesus, thank you for that synopsis. I was wracking my brain trying to
remember the specifics of that book but I'm sorry to say I'm meshing it in with
the many merc sci-fi books I've read since. And I erroneously took the movie's
facism and such as the book's position. I apologize there. Man, you really make
me want to read that book again. I have always been a "take responsibility for
your own actions" type person. It appears I've relearned where I got that idea
from. On the bounce!


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