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Damn -Z- you must have read the same book I did...

but for anyone out there doubting -Z- about Heinlein
try reading "Job: A comedy of Justice" the main char
is completely different religious prude from anyone in
Starship Troopers. Another one to read is "Citizen of
the Galaxy" although it shares themes with ST you'll
like it better.

What Tomino got from ST it was easy to see was a
MASS-PRODUCED war machine, issued to every
soldier in the war, capable of Atomic Bomb like war
and devastation.

Its been said in every interview and interpretation on
Tomino I've seen that Gundam rebelled against the
glowing_hero_mecha that was so big in the 70s so
he makes a story called Gunboy with giant robots
everywhere, all the soldiers have one "just like ST"

Then Tomino gets on his soap box about war and
tragedy, he lived in post WWII Japan hmmm...
go figure he's got issues with war...

and to address somebody earlier this week, MSG

MSG is WWII, Char's father had original separation
from Earth years before the war, Side 3's situation is
more like US vs. England in 1700s than North vs. South
in the 1800s... Its all colonial government, you can't govern
us if you don't live here, not slavery at issue...
Anyone with high school US History can see that.

Off my soap box now...


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