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Ok I've been silent long enough.... enough Heinlein

> I will cut up Heinlein and ST quite a bit.
> I would like to hear your views before I put fingers to keyboard.

I don't see why if you already know what you're going to write.

> Hmm... IMHO, the book is annoying and shallow, the movie got rid of the
> annoying stuffs and as a result become hollow (rather than shallow).

Just because you didn't understand something doesn't make
it shallow. I won't apologize for Heinlein's political preaching
but every Sci-Fi tries to make its political system different if
Heinlein's "what if?" got too wierd for you, too bad. Nobody
digs on Niven, Drake or Anderson for their worlds. Haldeman
always gets props for his great Military Sci-Fi, but no one is
bagging him for endless rehashes of Vietnam.

> If the story is lousy or in this case, non-existent, why not just
> write a philosophy book?

Again I liked the story, the movie was kinda like chinese food
I liked the taste, but it didn't fill me up, but I loved the book.

> > original email - that we should give thanks to the inclusion of Amuro
> > in Gundam because that made the Gundam series "accessible" and that no

Yes there are still morons in television, and Hollywood that can't
just let a good story stand on its own. These stupid little characters
like Jar Jar aren't necessary. And for anyone making Amuro type
comparisons Johnny Rico was tyhe Amuro, just because he wasn't
16, doesn't mean he wasn't a nieve kid who didn't understand what
is worth fighting for.

> Actually the military and political atmosphere in MSG is pretty much
> opposite from that of ST. Here is how I look upon it:

With Corrections

> Heinlein Tomino
> - Mobile Suit - Mobile Suit
Power Suits Mobile Suits

> - aliens (bugs) - seperatists (Zeon)
No Redeeming values Freedom fighters who's
Mindless aggressors cause got twisted and
                                     lost its meaning.

> - interstellar war - Earth sphere war
> - hero is a grunt - heroes are kids
> who doesn't ask who ask too many
> questions questions
Questions everything Whines about everything

> - pro authority - anti-establishment
Pro-Responsibility Pro-Toy-Company

> - there's a war - there's a war
> because aliens because the powerfuls
> are yucky and oppress the powerless
> they shot first
Right on both counts I can't argue that one!

> - wars bring out - wars mess people up
> the best in MEN
Burroughs invented the whole people shine out
through adversity genre with Carte on Mars and
Tarzan. Wars mess people up didn't really catch
on until after "All's quiet on the Western Front"
a movie that's been banned in "facist" dictatiorships
all over the world. Some of my favorite movies
"Das Boot" "Gallipoli" "Glory" all involve lots
of death, and the horrors of war, its never heroic
and all people ever want to do is survive, so from
that point of view ST really is "Military Fantasy."

> - clear-cut - ambiguous
Yes Heinlein wanted you to hate his villans and love
the hero, where Tomino didn't want anyone to stand
out particularly clean.

> - bombs - Newtypes
Basically heros with A-bombs, right again.

> - genetic and - enhanced-types
> chemical are screwed up
> manipulation of
> soldiers is good
Where was that in ST? Um was there a chapter I
missed? Chemicals & Genetics?

> - soldiers make - soldiers make
> the best political the worst political
> decisions decisions
No ST's government No Earth made plenty
was only voted in by of bad descisions Zeon
people who actually did too... The soldiers
participated. Citizens like Bright and Ranba Ral
all gave something to made the best of their own
the world before they situations.
asked anything of it.

> Anyway, don't take it too seriously or personally. Just want to hear what
> you folks think.

Well I'm done for now...


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